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Import or Export from Data Protector (or any other backup software) will cause the software to fail. After all Import and Export operations have been completed from the front panel, a [Scan] (from the Slots screen in Data Protector) must be completed. If the slots are not scanned, Data Protector may exhibit unusual behavior vSphere Data Protection 6.1.10 Release Notes -

HPE Data Protector 9.0x Device Support Matrix The tables below list the media technology and backup devices that are certified and supported with Data Protector 9.0x. If both the media technology and the device/library are listed as supported upon the operating system on which it is to be connected, Data Protector 9.0x support exists. HP MSL 2024 backup very slow performance - Spiceworks Aug 22, 2014 · The last bit of information is the obvious culprit. Ethernet switch's are 3COM- 100 mbps. Data Protector can be configured in many different ways, but it is likely you are backing up all the server over the LAN through the backup server, which will clearly be the bottleneck at 100 Mbps. 633 GB for 10 hours works out at about 18 MB/s, which is more than I would expect over a 100 Mbps LAN (PDF) Data Protector Troubleshooting | wilson mosquera

iv HP-UX Release 10.20, HP-UX Release 11.00 and later (in both 32 and 64-bit configurations) on all HP 9000 computers are Open Group UNIX 95 branded products.

Deploying HP StoreOnce VSA with HP Data Protector – Part III Part III of this series covers the configuration of devices and meda pools in HP Data Protector 8.1. This article will not show the installation of HP Data Protector 8.1. Device configuration. The first step is to configure the devices. Select “Devices & Media” from the drop-down menu and right-click “Devices”. HPE Data Protector Best Practice Guide - SlideShare HPE Data Protector Best Practice Guide 1. Technical white paper Best practice guide for HP Data Protector Protecting your most valuable asset: information HP Data Protector is the first data backup solution in the entire industry to provide a uniform deduplication solution from the source to the target, and protect mission-critical data in virtual and physical environments.

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HP Data Protector Software Cell Manager Planning and Sizing . Planning and Configuring a HP Data Protector Software Cell Manager and Managing the Internal Database Growth ... libraries, library drives, and slots • Data Protector media • Configured media pools and media magazines MMDB size and growth . The MMDB does not grow very big in size ... HPE Data Protector 10.0x Device Support Matrix for all other Data Protector Media Agents to control ACSLS robotics indirectly through the HP-UX, Windows, Solaris or IBM AIX Media Agent. Data Protector magazine support is available only with DDS and DLT tape drives. Some devices do not support SCSI auto-configuration and must be configured manually. HP Data Protector MoM Configuration and Troubleshooting Guide

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HP Data Protector MoM Configuration and Troubleshooting Guide both London and Paris should be configured into local MoM cells, each with two Data Protector client cells. Configure cell A as the MoM cell for the New York environment, cell D as the MoM cell for the Paris environment, and cell F as the MoM cell for the London environment. The Cell Managers and Manager-of-Managers in all seven cells should be Windows systems. Use a CMMDB in one of the cells in each MoM environment and Catalog Databases in each of the seven cells. The CMMDB allows you to ... HPE Data Protector 10.0x Device Support Matrix

Library and Drive Configuration - How To Configure the library as described in Configure Devices. If the library does not support SCSI 3 driveNote that if the devices are not configured at this point, the detection information will not be saved if you exitEnsure that media is discovered, before using the library for a data protection operations. Manual Data Protector | Backup | Computer File